More Permits to Cultivate Cannabis in KZN

Quite a significant number of KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) farmers have received permits to cultivate cannabis, according to a recent article published by Farmer's Weekly. More than 600 cannabis and hemp farmers in KZN were granted permits to cultivate, store, and transport the product with a total of 644 KZN hemp and cannabis farmers receiving permits to grow. This is a historic achievement that will allow the cultivation of non-medicinal cannabis under the terms and conditions of the permit. The permits will change the lives of farmers and provide a vital source of income for many rural communities in KZN. Cannabis is an intrinsic part of many rural communities in Eastern Cape's Pondoland and a vital source of income. However, growing cannabis at scale is illegal, and small-scale farmers have been left behind by legalisation plans. The permits will provide a legal framework for farmers to cultivate cannabis and will help to create jobs and boost the economy. The permits will also allow farmers to grow hemp, which has a wide range of uses, including textiles, paper, and building materials. The permits are part of the Hemp (Low THC Cannabis) Regulatory System, which provides application forms for hemp permits and import of hemp varieties. The permits for cannabis farming in South Africa are a step towards creating a more inclusive and sustainable agricultural sector.

Source: Farmer's Weekly

This signifies an expanding domestic market and a shift towards using cannabis as a tool for sustainability. GreenCape also published three industry briefs on opportunities for cannabis in the textile [Click here], pharmaceutical [Click here] and construction materials [Click here]